C. Penticoff Magic Mystery Moonlight


Weathering the Wicked

Book 1 of The Chronicles of Folklaria

In this young adult epic fantasy, take a step into a fantastical world one could only dream about. From evil wizards to witch doctors and fairies, join June for an adventure of a lifetime: Where she will enter a world full of pure imagination, magic, and enlightenment. 

How far would you go to rescue someone you love? Would you travel to a magical and spiritually enlightening land, which would instantly change the course of your life?

If traveling to another realm wasn’t troublesome enough, befriending a fairy, developing feelings for Ryder, and facing off with a wicked sorcerer was enough to send June’s reality into a hazy mess.

From the ashes of mortal humanity rises a young female savior to take on the wicked forces of Folklaria. With the odds stacked against her, can June conquer her fears and uncertainties to rescue, not only her sister, but an entire land riddled with wicked magic?



#MeToo is a story about a young woman who battles sexual harassment from her agent. 

In the end of this story, C. Penticoff tells her own #MeToo story.