Corrupted Enchantment

When Fairy Tales Collide

Fans of Once Upon A Time will be obsessed with this series!

Welcome to Enchantia, where all your favorite fairy tale characters live happily ever after… That is, until a dark spell takes over the land. 

Robin Hood: Everyone at school seemed to be scared of me. What? Had they never met someone who’d been in jail before? Whatever. I liked it that way. I didn’t need friends. I just needed to be left alone so I could get back to what I was supposed to be doing… Stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Something was getting in the way of my usual goal though. There seemed to be a spell looming about, and I knew exactly who was responsible for it– Presidential candidate, Rumpelstiltskin. 

There was also the Peter Pan problem. Now that I was back, I could tell he wanted to approach me, but there was nothing he could have done to make me forgive him. He could bat his pretty little eyes all he wanted. The ultimate betrayal wasn’t something I took lightly.

Rumpelstiltskin: I didn’t care what the three fates said about that filthy little brat, Robin Hood, being my undoing. I would spill her blood to change that destiny. Now that I had the power of the Presidency in my palms, I wouldn’t let anything stop me from achieving what I set out to do. 

The Chronicles of Folklaria

Weathering the Wicked

Book 1

How far would you go to rescue someone you love?

In this young adult epic fantasy, take a step into a fantastical world one could only dream about. From evil wizards to witch doctors and fairies, join June for an adventure of a lifetime: Where she will enter a world full of pure imagination, magic, and enlightenment.
How far would you go to rescue someone you love? Would you travel to a magical and spiritually enlightening land, which would instantly change the course of your life?
If traveling to another realm wasn’t troublesome enough, befriending a fairy, developing feelings for Ryder, and facing off with a wicked sorcerer was enough to send June’s reality into a hazy mess.
From the ashes of mortal humanity rises a young female savior to take on the wicked forces of Folklaria. With the odds stacked against her, can June conquer her fears and uncertainties to rescue, not only her sister, but an entire land riddled with wicked magic?

What Readers Are Saying

“I grabbed this book when it was released. I’m so glad I did!! The writer takes you to a land some dream about. Wizards, unicorns and trolls just to name a few, all have a role to play.”

Sharon Holland

Amazon Reviewer
  • “This is a wonderful read! I killed it in two days (big apologies to my household who I’ve ignored as I was nose deep in the magic land of folklaria). This is such a wonderful set up for the series. Everything from fairies, to wolfmen to witch doctors and wizards. Their world was too enchanting to stop reading. I’m very excited for the authors next chronicle!”- Kristine Faley

Kristine Faley

Amazon Reviewer

“I applaud Penticoff in her creative writing and articulate use of words; and can honestly say that it offered a compelling read; something that I find often lacks in fantasy books. A triumphant and artistic piece of writing brought to you by C. Penticoff. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who takes an interest in artificial intelligence, compassion, and a longing for discovery and resolution. I look forward to reading Book 2 of this series, Weathering the Wicked.”

Thomas Anderson

Literary Titan

“Solid work and a fine opener for a very promising series. Welcome to the table, C. Penticoff.”

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San Francisco Review of Books

Enduring the Energy

Book 2

When wishes are wicked…

June thought she was stepping back into mortal life as usual; but little did she know, she wasn’t going back to live on Earth…ever.

In book one, you were swept into the magical land of Folklaria, while June set off to rescue her twin sister from a wicked sorcerer, Murdolf. Now, the real challenge awaits her. She thought fighting off a wicked sorcerer was a challenge, but what will she do when she faces the most wicked villain in Folklaria, armed with limitless powers? Mutar, who was stuck in the wicked lamp for thousands of years, is now unleashed and his powers are in the hands of someone who seeks to destroy June, even if it means destroying the entire world.

From a trippy run-in with a magical mushroom village, to fighting a glamorous and egotistical golem king, and all the way to falling deeper in love with Ryder, this fast paced page-turner will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Will peace ever be restored to Folklaria?

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Coming 2020