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Character Interview with Kaidan Tadegan from Bane of Ashkarith

C. Penticoff: Hi, Kaidan! Welcome, and thank you so much for doing this interview. Let’s start this out by you telling us a little about yourself. 

Kaidan: I’m a Seeker—the Earth equivalent of an archaeologist—and I spend my time traveling to different historically significant sites looking for what happened there and trying to prove that the myths and legends have some truth to them. This is what led me to my discovery of Bane’s journal and into the journey Zerua and I took in Bane of Ashkarith.

C. Penticoff: That sounds fascinating! What would you say is the worst thing to have ever happened to you?

Kaidan: Having to flee for my life because I told the truth was probably the worst thing I’ve had happen to me.

C. Penticoff: How about the best thing to have ever happened to you?

Kaidan: Marrying my wife, I’d say.

C. Penticoff: Your wife is probably thinking Good answer. 

**laughter from both**

C. Penticoff: Kaidan, if you had to choose between dying today or living forever, which would you choose?

Kaidan: Dying today, probably. Who would want to live forever in this messed up world? Plus, if I did, I’d watch all my loved ones die.

C. Penticoff: Describe the hardest decision you have ever had to make. 

Kaidan: The hardest decision I’ve ever made? Telling the Society the truth about my findings at Dubarin Hill.

C. Penticoff: If you could sit with any historical figure, who would you choose? 

Kaidan: Queen Bane of Ashkarith or her husband, Rith. I’d love to know more about what life was like for them back then.

C. Penticoff: I’m kind of embarrassed that I don’t know who that is. What would you say is your biggest regret in life?

Kaidan: That I wasn’t able to get the truth about what happened at Ashkarith out to more people.

C. Penticoff: Have you ever been in a physical fight? What was the dispute over?

Kaidan: Yes. It wasn’t even over something I personally did. I was attacked by a group of angry spirits in Ashkarith and was forced to defend myself. They were just angry about how they died and the fact that they were stuck there. They might’ve been a bit insane, too. Who knows? Other than that, I normally stay out of trouble.

C. Penticoff: I see. Let’s end this interview on a fun question. What’s your favorite stew?

Kaidan: Definitely my wife’s stew.

C. Penticoff: You’re working to stay out of the doghouse today.

**laughter from both**

C. Penticoff: Thank you so much for allowing me to give you this quick interview. We can’t wait to read more about you!

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