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Petie: as seen in “Imagine,” by Jenna Greene

This week, I interviewed Petie, from Jenna Greene’s novel, “Imagine.” It was…Well, the interview was interesting.

C. Penticoff: “Hi, Petie.

Petie: “Hi!”

C. Penticoff: “Tell us a little about yourself.”

Petie: “I’m awesome and handsome and smart. And also humble. I think. What does humble mean?”

C. Penticoff: “Yeah, I think it’s safe to say you misunderstand the meaning of humble. Anyway, moving on. Tell me about the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make.”

Petie: “Hmmm.. One time I had to decide between eating a pie and a piece of cake. Guess what? I ate both!”

C. Penticoff: “That’s not a deci-Oh, forget it. What is the best present you have ever received?”

Petie: “A button!”

C. Penticoff: “A button?”

Petie: **Nods enthusiastically**

C. Penticoff: **Clears throat** “Okay, then. What’s the best thing to have ever happened to you?”

Petie: “I found a shiny rock.”

C. Penticoff: “Something tells me you find yourself being distracted by many shiny things. This next one should be fun. If you were a superhero, what super power would you posses?” 

Petie: “Super- Petie! The amazing Super-Petie. I can fly! No wait, I’m invisible. No… an invisible flying monkey-dragon. Is that a thing? It is now. Super-Petie.”

C. Penticoff: “That’s not really a super power, but I’ll accept it because I’m afraid to hear what else you’ll come up with. Okay, Petie, describe what a day in your life is like.” **Braces for impact**

Petie: “First, I wake up. Then I check to see if I’m awake. I eat breakfast with my sister and then, if she makes me, I brush my teeth. Then I do stuff. I play and find leaves and explore and tell REALLY AWESOME knock-knock jokes.”

C. Penticoff: “I see. Why don’t you tell us a knock-knock joke?”

Petie: “Knock knock.” 

C. Penticoff: “Who’s there?”

Petie: “Interupting cow.”

C. Penticoff: “Petie, I’m not-“

Petie: “MOO!”

C. Penticoff: “I’m not play-“

Petie: “MOO!”

C. Penticoff: “Seriously, I need to end this inter-“


Get to know Petie, and many other intriguing characters in Imagine by Jenna Greene.

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